Whats this all about?

I am a student attending New College in Stamford in Lincolnshire. I am currently studying Photography at level 3 on a BTEC Extended Diploma. For one of the modules in the course we… Continue reading

Safe and Legal

Staying Legal and Safe Street Photography is predominantly taken in external locations and this brings with it new problems. The main challenge faced when shooting outdoors is the weather. The British weather in… Continue reading

Street Photography – Chosen

This first image was captured as this person was pacing up and down. It was clear that she was impatiently waiting for someone and began to get fed up. I was waiting for… Continue reading

Street Photography – Rejects

When I came across these guys the one wearing a suit had both hands around the tree with the others circling him. It looked like he was holding the tree in place with… Continue reading

Street Photography – Contact sheets

I headed to London in an attempt to see how I would get on with street photography. I had a number of successful photographers in mind as Iwent out withe the hope to… Continue reading

My Family Christmas.

Above are the contact sheets for the images I took over Xmas. This was a quiet Christmas that I spent with just my parents. Normally there are other family members that visit or… Continue reading

We Are Family – Richard Billingham

Before attempting my own family photography over Christmas I decided to take a look at the work of Richard Billingham who made informal images. Richard Billingham thought of himself as a painter and… Continue reading

Tina Barney

As part of my investigations into family photography I looked at Tina Barney who made staged images. Born in 1945 into a wealthy family she took images of her family. Tina preferred to… Continue reading

My environmental portraits

In order to explore this area further I took up the challenge to visit local businesses and ask if I could take photos of them in their working environment. I decided to choose… Continue reading

Maciej Dakowicz

Maciej Dakowicz Maciej is a polish photographer who now lives in London. He holds a Phd in science but his first love is photography and it is this area that his work is… Continue reading

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