Rocky Horror Fashion Shoot Preparation

Understanding the client wishes is key to getting the job done right. There are a number of areas that would be advisable to establish the customer requirements prior to undertaking any commission as this will define the photographers methodology and creativity.

Client Question Mind Map

Client Question Mind Map

What will we be shooting?

We have been commissioned to create a series of images for a college production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

What are the images for?

These images will be used for the promotion of the event and also for the portfolio’s and college projects of those involved in its creation.

Where will they be used?

There are three clients for this project. The first is from the fashion department that have designed the costumes and they require images both being modeled and displayed on a mannequin.

The second client is from the Beauty department who have provided the theatrical makeup and they will be after head shots for their own portfolio and project folders.

The third client is the drama students that are modelling the outfits and the department will be able to use the images for either promotional use and for later display / Exhibition.

Where will we be shooting?

All of the images for this project will be shot in a studio.

When will we be shooting them?

The date for the shoot has been set for Wednesday 5th December 2012. The models will go through a process of make up and costume fitting before being brought to the studio. There are time slots with photographers assigned for each model or character. However with the unpredictable nature of the day it is likely that the assignments will get changed. As such it is important that research be conducted around all characters and not just the ones assigned to me.