Street Photography – Rejects

Street photography - Tree

Street photography – Tree

When I came across these guys the one wearing a suit had both hands around the tree with the others circling him. It looked like he was holding the tree in place with the others in some form of ritual worship. Even though I had my camera ready in the time it took me to raise it and focus the group had moved. This was the first lesson in how difficult this will be, even though I was fast I was not nearly fast enough.

Street - Photography - Theatrical

Street – Photography – Theatrical

I walked further down fleet Street and stopped at this theater that was showing Great Expectations. I noticed the advertising signs and thought it would be funny if a glamorous or highly attractive person walked by. I wanted to associate the signs with the person but unfortunately in the time I had no-one of a sufficiently ostentatious style walked past. If they had though I still think the image would have missed its goal as my focal length was two wide. If I had shot with a longer focal length from further away then it would have compressed the image and made the association between the two elements a lot more obvious.

_CVI3478 copy (Large)

Street Photography – The Bodyguard

This next image is very similar to the last and it suffers with the same problems. What I wanted was a very intimidating and tough looking person to walk down under the sign, unfortunately the best person did not exactly fit the bill. Once again I should have been further away to compress the image and I even cropped the feet off by mistake.

Street photography - Strike  the pose.

Street photography – Strike the pose.

I really like this next image as a general photo but it does not quite work as a street image. The person was pacing back and forth and I was waiting for them to stop. Once they did they took this natural pose which reminded me of many poses that are used for fashion catalogues. I would have included this in my preferred images accept that I had another that had more character and interest.

_CVI3487 copy (Large)

Street Photography – Jam

My final rejected image was meant to show a large traffic jam with unhappy people and this was reflected in the large poster on the bus advertising the Les Miserables movie. However the image does not correctly convey the fact that there is a jam and would have been better if it had a persons sad and fed up face in the image.