Safe and Legal

Staying Legal and Safe

Street Photography is predominantly taken in external locations and this brings with it new problems.

The main challenge faced when shooting outdoors is the weather. The British weather in particular is known for its unpredictability and this will mean that I will need to be prepared when working with electrical equipment if it starts to rain.
There are other issues, particularly around health and safety as the photographer has little control of their environment and this can lead to trip hazards, falling rocks, stray branches, imbalanced equipment, people and equipment falling into rivers and streams etc.  The list is almost endless so extra care will always be required.

There are many legal issues that will need to be considered when shooting outdoors for commercial purposes. There are certain areas, such as national trust lands that it is illegal to sell images without permission from the trust, This restriction on image rights also applies to some major national landmarks and although there are not any in Lincolnshire, places such as Trafalgar Square and Parliament square in London have a restriction on commercial photography without prior consent from the mayor.


Street Photography individually carries its own risks as your actions will make many people feel uncomfortable and some may even see it as an invasion on their privacy. This perceived attack on their liberty has the potential to cause people to react aggressively and place the photographer at risk so it is essential that you read the mood of a situation carefully and be prepared to apologise if challenged. Alternatively, working in a discreet manner could avoid unwanted attention and allow you to capture candid and unexpected images.