Whats this all about?


I am a student attending New College in Stamford in Lincolnshire. I am currently studying Photography at level 3 on a BTEC Extended Diploma. For one of the modules in the course we were required to complete a module on a blog.

The world has already been irrevocably changed by the digital age. The birth of the internet made information quickly and easily available to anyone who wanted to access it, and our ability to exchange or share our images with a world-wide audience was at our fingertips. This technological transformation placed the power to carve a place of our own directly into the hands of anyone who wanted to use it and is rapidly changing from being an opportunity to a necessity.

Personal websites, image sharing and social networks are just part of the modern photographers arsenal and blogging is growing in importance in maintaining a global audience, as such it was seen as vital to introduce this medium at a student level, to allow students to experience this  method first hand and to allow them to become familiar with working this way.

However the tools which I will be working with are only part of this project and the content will contribute equally to the overall grading. During this project we will be covering four distinct areas.

Environmental Portraits

This will look at the significance of the subject environment and how it influences and alters the message the artist is attempting to portray

Family Photography

The project will incorporate the Christmas break and one of the tasks over the holiday will be to capture the candid and everyday lives of our family during the festive period.

Street Photography

This will take a look at some of the famous practitioners of this unique art and how its influence can affect our photographic creative process. We will also take the opportunity to incorporate a day out to put into practice what we may have learned.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

The performing arts students will be putting on a production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show  with the costumes being created by the fashion students. This presents an opportunity for us to work with the departments to create images for their portfolios and to create publicity images to promote the play. This will be presented to us in the form of a commissioned shoot allowing us to experience the demands and pressures of some of the commercial aspects to running a photographic business.

On a personal level this is my first ever experience of working in a blog format and it is presented in the chronological order that it was created. All tutor feedback will be left and when it gets graded I will let everyone know how it got on.