Matt Stuart

Matt Stuart Matt Stuart was a protege of Meyerowitz and learned a lot about street photography from him. Listening to Stuart talk about how he captures his images gives a good insight into… Continue reading

Joel Meyerowitz

Joel Meyerowitz Joel Meyerowitz was a philosophical photographer that headed out into New York in the early 1980’s to capture life as he saw it. Meyerowitz style was all about capturing the moment,… Continue reading

Introduction to street photography

Street photography is a type of social documentary image making that captures the everyday moments of the lives of people as they walk around public places. However, picking up a camera and heading… Continue reading

Rocky Horror Mannequin Shoot

Because it was important for the costumes to be shown clearly then another shoot was arranged with just the costumes placed onto mannequins. The Lighting set up ———— This extra shoot also gave… Continue reading

Rocky Horror Photo Shoot

Contact Sheet  ———— I choose two images from each shoot that I felt demonstrated the clothing and make up but also had characteristics of the show. The first image is a three quarter… Continue reading

Rocky Horror Studio Set Up.

Health & Safety The first area of concern is always Health and Safety so ill begin with a recap for the studio environment. What is important is that the models, make up students… Continue reading

What is the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’

The Rocky Horror Picture show is a musical comedy horror movie that was first released in 1973 and is still on limited release today. As the longest running theatrical release in film history… Continue reading

Rocky Horror Fashion Shoot Preparation

Understanding the client wishes is key to getting the job done right. There are a number of areas that would be advisable to establish the customer requirements prior to undertaking any commission as… Continue reading

Media City Images

Below are four images that I chose from the Media Studio Shoot. The Infinity radio station is broadcast from the college by the students. This is a fully equipped working radio studio and… Continue reading

Media City – Contact Sheets

Once I had returned from the Media Rooms the first thing I did with the images was to create a contact sheet. Due to the high number of images I took the contact… Continue reading

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