Media Studio Shoot Preperation

Prior to the main shoot in the college media studios I did some research to prepare. I looked at what the client was after? Where I would be working? What I might need… Continue reading

Cecil Beaton taking a picture of Marilyn Monroe by Edward Pfizenmaier.

This is an environmental image of a photographer at work on location and offers an insight into the way Cecil Beaton and others like him would obtain images of famous celebrities. The subject… Continue reading

Lewis Hine

Lewis Hine was a photographer that was commissioned to take a series of images across North America in the early 20th Century to highlight the problem of children being forced into work. In… Continue reading

Alfred Krupp by Arnold Newman

This image is of Alfred Krupp who was not a military man but an industrialist who ran war factories manufacturing arms for the Nazi assault on Europe. Krupp gained notoriety for his insistence… Continue reading

Jackson Pollock by Arnold Newman

Arnold Newman was a photographer who specialised in environmental portraits and took many images throughout the 20th century. This person is clearly a painter; Newman has deliberately included lots of paint tins in… Continue reading

What is an Environmental Portrait?

An environmental portrait is an image where the surroundings that are included around the main subject to form part of the narrative, meaning or to better convey the subjects personality . In many… Continue reading

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